Rachael Stokes

A practical guide on campaigning for the inclusion of women in public life. Published by Womankind Worldwide, 2008.

Blogging…”A platform designed for people who love the sound of their own voice and think the rest of the world is dying to hear their opinion? Dominated by men? Well who’d have thought it… “

"Since when did cupcakes become the international symbol of womankind?  Because cupcake themed international women’s day events are being promoted everywhere this week by Oxfam and Concern, by, ironically the University of Sussex, home of many a top feminist academic, and possibly even more ironically, by Trafford Council as part of their triple whammy IWD, Olympics and cupcakes event….”

Published by Womankind Worldwide, 2011.

Response from Womankind Worldwide to Jonathan Glennie’s article earlier this week.

Food for thought for feminists and non-feminists alike?